Friday, 13 November 2015

A sneaky peek

All wrapped up and ready to go!

My first proper parcel, off to my sister just in time for my niece's Christening next weekend.  Of course, the little star of the show will do the big reveal on the day, but I am allowed to show you a little sneaky peek...

It turned out heavier than I expected, but with quite a vintage look to it, which was what I had hoped for.  Very excited to see how it looks on the day!  

So, with that project posted off, it's back to my blanket, which is now long enough to keep my legs warm while I add more rows.  I'm using the cosy stripe blanket pattern from Lucy's Attic24, but with a few colour adjustments to give it more of an autumnal feel.  Although judging by the view from my window, autumn is being rapidly blown away out there...  Time for a cuppa, I think.


  1. Had a sneak preview. It really is something special. You can't go wrong with Taylor and Morris!

  2. Ahh... thank you! Glad you liked it :) xxx


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