Sunday, 13 November 2016

rainy days and crochet

What a change from yesterday!  Today is bright, blue and cheerful.  Yesterday was rain, rain, rain.  So we took advantage of this and had a family PJ day.


We've had so many busy weekends that staying in, lighting the fire and chilling out together was just what we needed.  We built Lego models (this involved deconstructing and reconstructing a Millenium Falcon), drank tea, played games and had an autumny, homemade lentil and bacon soup for lunch.  Click on the link for the BBC Good Food guide recipe.  The more crispy bacony bits the better.

Inbetween the Lego building, soup making and tea drinking, I worked on my attic24 Harmony Blanket.  Squares all done, and 4 strips out of 9 constructed...  I reckon one more week and there will be pictures!

And I am celebrating the fact that I have finally, finally set up Instagram for Taylor & Morris, and managed to post a few pictures!  Follow me @taylorandmorris to find out more.  Next big challenge is to get the etsy shop up and running...

Feeling good :)


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