Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My 'Life is an Allotment' Analogy

I feel like I'm about to make a confession...

Those gorgeous daffodils above didn't come out of my garden, they came out of my allotment.  And I know most of you already know that I have an allotment, but the enormity of this little project is something I've been hiding even from myself.

You see, my little plot is actually pretty much half a field.  I think it's quirky and, as my dear friend would say, quite 'gourmet'.  My husband, who is a self-confessed 'do-er', thinks I've got my work cut out.  And he's absolutely right - if a sane woman had a 4 day-a-week job, a family, a house and a determination to fill the homes of England with crochet blankets, why on earth would she take on a 440m squared, overgrown, bramble-infested allotment?

The thing is, I've decided that the size of it is its saving grace.  When I stand at one end I can't even see the other end.  It's huge.  And completely unmanageable for one woman and a spade.  And so I only manage a bit of it.  And while I'm fighting brambles and planting stuff at one end, the other end is completely controlled by nature.  Wonderful things happen down the far end.  I leave it alone, and it rewards me. 

A bit like life, really.  Some bits of life are easy to manage, tame and keep under control.  Some bits are too big and too thorny.  You can tackle them with a head-on, petrol-driven solution, or you can choose to step back and be patient.  And just occasionally, when you have a little faith and trust, nature takes control.  Life brings you daffodils.


  1. Inspiring words Toni! You really should finish that book (when you have the time of course)

    1. I could sit in my allotment with a flask of tea, a bag of crochet and a notepad... Bliss!!


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